BMW and Dainese have recently announced that they will work together to develop a new motorcycle suit with integrated airbags named the D-Air. The companies didn’t release too many details about their project but we found an interesting video that shows their suit in action.

We also know that the new suits will be available for both race track and street riders and promise to enhance the rider’s safety during harsh accidents.

Dainese said that its new airbags system integrated into the suit is able to deploy in only 45 ms. To prove this fact the company has released an official video from ADAC where we can see their innovative suit in action.

The idea of a motorcycle suit with integrated airbags is not new, as a similar product signed by Alpinestars is already being used in races.

Though Dainese’s model promises to be more efficient and safe than the one built by their rivals, but until we don’t see the end result we can’t give any certain verdict on the matter.

Hit the jump to see the Dainese motorcycle suit with integrated airbags in action.


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