How many times happened that you have to leave your motorcycle in the street just for a couple of seconds and feared for its safety. Maybe you had to enter into a bank to do a redraw or into a shop to buy something and every time you had to leave your bike and feared that any moment there will be two guys to lift it, parked it into a van and nick-off with it.

Well, Yamaha Motor Australia came with a solution and since 1 February 2007, all the Yamaha motorcycles, scooters and ATVs has bee sprayed with DataDotDNA theft protection, microscopic dots that carry identifying information linking every part on the bike back to its original frame number and making stolen bikes extremely difficult to on-sell or part out.

DataDotDNA is a unique theft protection system consisting of tiny microdots bearing identifying code numbers. The owner, police or insurance companies can cross reference the PIN number on the microdot of any stolen unit with the VIN number of that unit. Warning decals alerting potential thieves that the unit is “Protected by DataDotDNA” complete the protection picture.

"This anti-theft initiative offers every Yamaha customer a very real benefit. No-one wants their pride and joy stolen and the DataDotDNA system is an effective deterrent that highlights Yamaha’s customer focused approach", says YMA Director and General Manager Steven Cotterell.

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