Design Your Own KTM Duke

Factory Announces Design Your Duke Competition

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KTM has launched its new Design Your Duke competition, allowing fans of the Austrian brand to flex their creative muscles and come up with their own sticker kit.

Design Your Own KTM Duke

Design Your Own KTM Duke
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Design Your Duke
Competition by KTM to let you design a sticker kit for any of the sub-1000cc Duke models, from 125cc to 890cc

The sticker kits can be applied to any of the Duke models and KTM is looking for “Orange Bleeders [to] flex their creative muscles by designing their very own, one-of-a-kind sticker kit."

The 125 Duke, 390 Duke, 890 Duke, 890 Duke GP and 890 Duke R are all eligible for the make-over treatment and entrants can sign up for the competition here

The competition is being hosted by Rok Bagoroš, a KTM stunt rider and official ambassador of the Duke range of bikes.

Design Your Own KTM Duke
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Think You Can Do Better?
You don’t have to be a professional designer to come up with the winning design.

Bagoroš said, “Duke riders want to stand out of the crowd, not only with the bike itself but also with the design. As individualisation is important, we want to give the Duke riders the opportunity to rewrite the rulebook with a 100% original one-of-a-kind design – done by themselves! We can’t wait to see the results!”

KTM is partnering with Vectary for the competition, who will provide the software to allow entrants take their concepts and turn them from two-dimensional designs into three-dimensional sticker kits fit for a Duke.

KTM says that “Vectary have tailored their proprietary 3D Studio App for the KTM Design Your Duke Contest as the central design interface to make every Duke design a personalised experience.

“The 3D Studio App can be operated intuitively to view the 3D model from all sides and angles. Once happy with the result, entrants can finalise their entry into the contest simply by exporting pictures from the 3D Studio App and posting them on Instagram using the hashtag #DESIGNYOURDUKECONTEST.

Design Your Own KTM Duke
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Road Models Only
But there’s nothing to say you can’t take your inspiration from wherever you want

“A central landing page hosts all the information, rules, design templates, and the central software to render your very own design onto a 3D KTM DUKE model.” Hopefully, this will make the design process as easy as possible as not everyone has the relevant computer skills, even if they have the artistic skills.

Vectary’s CEO, Michal Koor: “Collaborating with KTM on this project is a creative meeting of the minds. We are opening up the possibilities for design and customisation by allowing the motorcycling community to view their creations on a very easily accessible 3D platform. This way, they can focus less on the technical know-how and more energy towards the creative process."

Design Your Own KTM Duke
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You’re Not Re-Designing the Motorcycle
It’s just a cosmetic make-over, not a complete re-design of the motorcycle! This is a 390 Duke!

It’s an interesting concept by KTM and further strengthens their position as a brand that really likes to involve it customers beyond simply buying bikes.

The winner will be contacted personally by KTM on the 21st July 2022.

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