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    Desmorosso 2006

Ducati entered the world of fine wines with the introduction of a new vintage, Desmorosso 2006. This exciting creation features a unique blend of grapes purposely created with the Ducati class and spirit of excellence in mind.

Officially licensed by Ducati, Desmorosso is a wine that blends all the values typical of made in Italy, such as creativity, meticulousness, innovation and tradition, professionalism and the search of the highest quality and the passion.

For the motorcycle enthusiast world over, Desmo is not just the name of the distribution system created and made successful by Ducati; Desmo is a symbol of strength, victory, and class. Like a thoroughbred, Desmo is enabled by a select group of superstars who regularly push the limits and ride on the cutting edge, realizing all the power and personality that can possibly be achieved.

“An assemblage of Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, and Carmenere grapes, has resulted in an elegant and well structured wine, rich and strong, with personality profoundly linked to the terrain from where it grows,” explained Paolo Padrin, owner of the winery Le Pignole in Brendola (VI), creator and producer of Desmorosso, “this wine is distinctly Italian and, at the same time, suitable to represent the Ducati colors throughout the world.”

“When Ducati decided to enter the world of fine wine, they needed to find business partner that embodied the values important to the Ducati name and worthy of the Desmo heritage; creativity and precision, innovation and tradition, entrepreneurial ability, a passion for beauty and good taste - in a word, excellence” stated Paolo Bari, owner of JPBari srl, and sole distributor of Desmorosso.

Desmorosso 2006 has been introduced in Verona, at the Vinitaly 2008 exposition and will be sold exclusively via the internet on www.desmorosso.com. The wine is served by the glass at the notorious “Gold” in Milan.

Source: Ducati

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