Peugeot built this as a concept car, but I would like to know what you think about this as I see it having two wheels and that is enough for me to post it on the motorcycle section of our site.

The Ozone concept comes as a solution for decreasing the emission levels that contribute in percentage of 33% (in US) to the greenhouse effect. It is powered by fuel cell that turn hydrogen into electricity so it is environmental-friendly and very efficient.

Here comes the interesting part: the entire body is embraced between two giant wheels that are individually powered by electric motors with fuel cells. This is what made me wonder about it being a car and the fact that it has only two seats, further increases my suspicions. Even so, the position is similar to the one in a car so we can’t contest that, but take a look at it! I don’t see an executive riding in this, but more a gadget addict that at some moment in his live visualized himself riding in what appears to be a colonizing vehicle for aliens.

Car or motorcycle, the concept is mind blowing though!

Does this count as a motorcycle?
- image 253495

Does this count as a motorcycle?
- image 253496

Source: ecofriend

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