Young Spanish motorcycle riders who have dangerously ridden their bikes now face prison after a fast and risky incursion on a dangerous and speed restricted road in Mallorca.

Called ‘Pikas de motos’, the group raced between Caimari and Selva with tragic results: two teenagers (16, respectively 17 years old) died. This lead to further investigations in the so called motorcycle group and those who face the charges are aged between 19 and 31 years old so that justifies the title.

It is very important to mention that their bikes were condemned and they are awaiting two to five years of prison.

So take care my friends because children’s lives aren’t something to play with, neither throttle on those kinds of road sections. And if you are idiot enough to film yourself and broadcast it on Youtube be sure that the film, although unclear, will become the court’s most important proof. 

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