The 2015 MotoGP season hasn’t even started yet and we already have our first controversy of the year. Seems like it’s going to be a season full of them. To get our yearly fix of MotoGP madness going, it appears that the British MotoGP round isn’t going to take place where it’s supposed to. The round was scheduled to take place at Donington Park but after the venue split with rights holder Circuit of Wales, the round is now likely to return to Silverstone. All this would’ve flown under the radar, if not for the fact that Silverstone actually lost out its own rights to host the British round of MotoGP only six months ago.

If the latest turn of events has left you confused, don’t worry because you’re not the only ones to have that feeling. I didn’t see this coming, either. But Motorcycle News caught wind of the development after discussions between the Circuit of Wales and Donington Park collapsed under a weight of failed negotiations and upgrades to bring the track up to MotoGP standards. Everything came to a head when it became apparent that neither organization had the finances to make the upgrades work on their own.

So with little time to prepare ahead of the start of the 2015 MotoGP season, an audible was called to bring the round back to Silverstone for the time being. Whether the Circuit of Wales and Donington Park can get their acts together in time to salvage hosting for the 2016 season remains to be seen. But from the looks of things, the British round of MotoGP could remain in Silverstone in the foreseeable future.

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Why it matters

This is the kind of distraction that MotoGP doesn’t need, especially since we’re anticipating what could very well be a dramatic season.

The Circuit of Wales and the Donington Park need to get their house in order so that it can proceed with its hosting duties in the 2016 season because from the looks of things, there’s no way that they could salvage something before the British MotoGP Grand Prix arrives this coming August. For now, Silverstone will likely host this season’s stage because it’s only race track in the UK that’s homologated for MotoGP standards.

If the Circuit of Wales and the Donington Park can’t get past their issues, then we might as well pencil in Silverstone as the host of the race in the foreseeable future. I’m hoping the two organizations can work their way past it and get the necessary funds to complete the upgrades needed on the track.

Otherwise, they stand to squander what would’ve been an incredible opportunity to be part of MotoGP, all because they lacked the foresight to make the necessary improvements ahead of time.

Source: Motorcycle News

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