• Drag Race: 1200bhp Lambo vs. 300bhp H2R

That’s a lot of horsepower for the street.

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It doesn’t matter how much power the car has, it’s power-to-weight that’s important and that’s why bikes will always be better.

Watch a 300bhp Kawasaki murder a 1200bhp Lamborghini

While we can’t condone racing on the highway, this video does show the relative performance of cars and bikes in the real world as opposed to on a drag strip.

It also shows that, no matter how much power a car has - in the case of this Lambo, 1200bhp at the wheels - it’s the power to weight ratio that is all important. For the record, I have no idea if this is a Gallardo or a Murcielago Lamborghini. At the end of the day, it doesn’t matter!

Drag Race: 1200bhp Lambo vs. 300bhp H2R
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I’m no mathematician so I can’t work out the bhp/ton of either of these, but even I know that 300bhp in a bike weighing around 220kg is a lot more than 1200bhp in a car weighing +/- 1500kg and that’s before you involve elements such as mass inertia and rolling resistance and so on.

Drag Race: 1200bhp Lambo vs. 300bhp H2R
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Lamborghini Gallardo
1200bhp, 1500kg, give or take. It makes no difference: it loses!

Oh, who am I kidding: bikes are just faster, end of story. But just because we know that, doesn’t mean we don’t like seeing it confirmed every now and then!

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