Drag Race: Electric bike vs. Petrol Bike vs. Supercar

Not As Clear Cut As You May Think

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Electric bikes are known for their insane torque delivery from zero revs, seemingly allowing them to out-accelerate anything else on the road. However, in this video, the Kawasaki ZX10R has other ideas.

Energica Ego vs. Kawasaki ZX10R vs. Lamborghini Gallardo

Car vs. bike drag races usually end with the bike killing the car in a straight line from rest.

Drag Race: Electric bike vs. Petrol Bike vs. Supercar
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Energica Ego
150lb.ft of torque from zero revs

But how about electric bike vs. petrol-engined bike? Logic dictates that an electric bike, with mountains of torque from zero revs, should beat the bike hands down. That’s now what happens here, however.

Drag Race: Electric bike vs. Petrol Bike vs. Supercar
- image 1040549
Kawasaki ZX10R
85lb.ft of torque. It should lose out to the Ego, but it doesn’t!

The Kawasaki ZX10R in both WSBK and stock form, loses out to the Energica Ego on initial acceleration off the line, but then pulls it back convincingly to take the win. Of course, both bikes then beat the Lamborghini hands down.

Drag Race: Electric bike vs. Petrol Bike vs. Supercar
- image 1040550
Lamborghini Gallardo LP570 Super Trofeo
398lb.ft of torque but it weighs a lot more!

The other thing, of course, is that when the ZX10 and the Gallardo run out of fuel, it takes a couple of minutes to chuck a bit more petrol in and then they can carry on playing. The Energica, however, will need to sit near a power source for a couple of hours and, until they sort that out, electric bikes will always come second to petrol bikes.

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