Drag Race Horror: Yamaha R1 vs. McLaren 720S

It’s not the result you might be expecting

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Putting a bike up against a car pretty much guarantees that fans of two wheels will come away with a smile on their faces. As this video shows, however, you can never be too sure!

Yamaha R1 vs. McLaren 720S

What’s a week without watching yet another supercar getting beaten soundly by a bike in a drag race?

Drag Race Horror: Yamaha R1 vs. McLaren 720S
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Yamaha R1
Just shy of 200bhp, weighing 200kg.

This time, it’s the turn of the Yamaha R1 to take on a McLaren 720S somewhere in the UK. However, things don’t exactly turn out the way you think they might with the McLaren being very difficult to beat in a straight line. Whether that’s down to the rider of the bike is hard to tell. Launching a bike off the line isn’t as easy as you think and it’s clear the rider is having trouble keeping the front wheel on the ground, which is harming his acceleration.

Drag Race Horror: Yamaha R1 vs. McLaren 720S
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McLaren 720S
710bhp but it weighs 1400kg.

The car, meanwhile, just puts its power down so, so well and gives the bike a proper run for its money. In fact, when both car and bike get the rolling start right, it’s a lot closer than you might think. In fact, it really sucks as the car can’t be beaten unless the bike jumps the start.

Drag Race Horror: Yamaha R1 vs. McLaren 720S
- image 1050342
That’s Not Supposed to Happen
Without jumping the start, the bike just can’t beat the car

It’s not even as if the numbers are against the bike: a power-to-weight ratio of 1000bhp per ton is double that of the car. But, try as it might, the bike is unable to beat the car.

Still, we’ve got to let the cars win now and then otherwise they’ll stop coming out to play.

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