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Drag Racing - Thai Style

Two-stroke motorcycles, disco lights, no riding gears, and a lot of guts. Could it get ANY better?

Drag racing is a very niche sport in most parts of the world. However, it’s very a different story altogether in Southeast Asian countries where this sport is a full-blown crazy day and night event with thousands of attendees and hundreds of participants.

Do you want a taste of what it’s like out there? Well, lucky for you, YouTuber CB Media has given us an insight into how Thailand’s biggest drag racing event goes drown, from start to end. Let’s take a look.

The Event

Drag Racing - Thai Style
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The event in context here is NGO’s Street Drag Racing event which is Thailand’s most popular and biggest two-stroke drag racing meet.

Even though the name has ‘street’ in it, the event takes place on a closed drag strip of sorts. However, it isn’t as proper as drag events usually are in bigger countries.

Drag Racing - Thai Style
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And you don’t need any riding gear either, well it’s not a compulsion

We say this because instead of big signboards to tell quarter-mile times and reaction times, the organizers here rely on a small LCD screen that simply tells who won albeit any timings. Interestingly, the start lights have an additional red telltale light which simply glows when the rider has jumped the launch.

Before the event begins, there seems to be an open session where anyone (even kids) can bring their own bikes and have a go on the track

What’s most shocking, though, is the fact that riders don’t need any riding gear to participate except for a helmet. All riders seen at the event simply race in a T-shirt, jeans, and sneakers which, though very courageous, is super risky and can result in horrific consequences, especially when you consider the speeds they reach.

The Bikes

Drag Racing - Thai Style
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Here’s a look at one of the craziest drag racing events in the world, the NGO Street Drag Race Party in Thailand

Speaking of speed, let’s talk about the bikes. In the West, we’re used to seeing superbikes and custom dragster’s attacking the drag strip, but out there, this is done aboard small two-stroke bikes and scooters. In particular, the Kawasaki KR150 is the most common motorcycle here.

Drag Racing - Thai Style
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The real deal, though, begins later and the most common motorcycle for the race is the Kawasaki KR150

To make the KR150 drag-friendly, however, the riders strip off all its body panels and instrumentation, making it lighter, while also adopting a hand-lever for changing gears which is why you see these riders putting their feet in the air and still upshifting. Plus, they run on very slim tires which reduce the contact patch, thus decreasing friction and increasing speed.

Drag Racing - Thai Style
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With the bodywork stripped off and all other racing-friendly mods, the race bike weighs only 300lbs that too with fuel and rider onboard!

Along with all this, you also have the more ’normal’ updates like a full-system exhaust and an extended swingarm.

In case you’re wondering, these bikes with full fuel tanks and riders onboard weigh just 304 pounds, which is honestly, insane.

Drag Racing - Thai Style
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However, riding gear isn’t mandatory here either and all you need is a helmet and a lot of guts

To wrap it up, this is one of the craziest drag racing events we’ve ever come across and the passion for speed is simply insane. Plus, with no riding gear or even helmets in some cases, this is possibly as dangerous as drag racing gets.

There are plenty of other details worth noting about this sport from this far away land in Asia. You can check out the video below to find out more:

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