Sy Nazif, author of Never Mind The Track, announced today his plan for a month-long ride from Los Angeles to Chicago along old Route 66, and continuing on to New York City promoting his book. In the spirit of the book, which features the protagonist racing drunk on motorcycles through city streets, Sy will be touring on his Harley and stopping at bars along the way to knock back beers and shots of tequila.

Of course, "DUI Sy" will be making a few stops at book stores as well, to sign copies of his book. Sy’s website,, provides book-tour information, as well as some facts regarding what he calls "absurd DUI laws."

In defense of his plan to drink-and-ride across the country, Sy has stated, "I don’t intend to break the law. See, I ran the numbers and figured it all out. They say you can metabolize one drink per hour. So over the course of the month-long motorcycle book tour, I will be sure to consume less than 720 drinks." It is no coincidence that the title of the book comes from an article by the late Hunter S. Thompson, America’s original substance-abusing, rules-be-damned writer. Thompson is best known for his novel Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas.

Despite the controversial subject matter, reviews for Never Mind The Track have been positive. April Sullivan of Reader Views says, "Nazif’s brash writing kicks into gear on the first page and takes you on a wild helmet-free ride." And Evelyn Sears of calls it "witty, engaging and evocative."

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