Few photographers are capable of creating as vivid and artistic an image as Elizabeth Raab. Never afraid to draw inspiration from the artwork that is the human body, Raab has crafted an impressive portfolio of photographs shot with meticulous detail and artistic vision.

While the appreciation of artistic photographs like Raab’s lends itself to a certain demographic, the same can also be said for motorcycles. It’s not for everybody’s taste and palette, but those that hold a deep affection for motorcycles will attest that just like the human body, the various forms of interpretation on what a bike is going to look like is an art form in itself. Nowhere is that any more evident that with the Italian motorcycle brand Ducati – and it only seems fitting that Ducati and Elizabeth Raab joined forces to dive deeper into the relationship of infused art forged by the inspiration drawn from the human body.

Together, Ducati and Raab have released limited edition, individually numbered prints featuring some of the most beautiful bodies in the world riding some of the most stunningly designed bikes to come out of Ducati.
It takes a real fan of both subjects – the female human body in this case and Ducati bikes – as well as a deep understanding of the art that surrounds each photograph to appreciate these photos. Fortunately, we’re huge fans of both so it wasn’t difficult to be mesmerized by the stunning work done by Elizabeth Raab.

If you’re interested in any one of these prints, you might need to start high-steppin’ and head over to the Ducati website to get yours while they’re still available. Chances are, these prints will run dry faster than you can say “babes on bikes”.


Source: Ducati

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  (619) posted on 03.7.2011

These pics really show how sexy bodies and sexy bikes come together really well. I like how the contours of both the body and the bike blends in perfectly.

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