Oberdan Bezzi has inked another motorcycle sketch, one that catches our attention for being very realistic and yet almost 100% not plausible. Why? It is a Ducati motocross bike. Ducati doesn’t do that, but the Italian designer’s Desmocross concept shows just how good their bike would look if they ever decide to go muddy.

Ducati’s motocrosser would be powered by a high-performance single-cylinder engine displacing 450cc. Obiboi assumes the machine would be great as a supermoto as well if the right wheels come into place.

In terms of design, we can spot some Aprilia RXV influences especially in the way the front end meets the number plate and the angular lines, but in the end the bike looks like it could make it to my garage anytime. That is only if Ducati will surprise us at this year’s EICMA show with an all-new Desmocross. Meanwhile, hit the jump for the designer’s description.

Oberdan Bezzi’s description (google translation):

It will be a nasty off-road thumper desmo’s surprise DUCATI EICMA 2010?

Presented in the form of CONCEPT, could be the prelude to a new generation of single-cylinder high-performance decline in a variety of interpretations.

The first, as a business card would DESMOCROSS, racing bikes from 450cc. equipped with the most refined technique cross and "concrete".

No flights of fancy, but much substance in terms of both components of that cycle, motor "bomb" an aesthetic that dares and maybe a little.

How competitive is to say ..... NOW!


Source: Oberdan Bezzi

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  (158) posted on 10.27.2010

Another concept car but will see in the future if we could see something new.

Rod  (825) posted on 05.11.2010

This would be nice if Ducati makes this Desmocross.smiley

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