It’s been a minute since Ducati unleashed the Monster Diesel on the world, and to be fair, it looked much like just about every other mid-size naked out there. This new Ducati-Diesel collaboration in the Diavel Diesel is not that bike. Diesel’s influence is obvious at a glance, and while I gotta say it took some cojones to take this route, the destination is something remarkable. The builders managed to take the voluptuous curves and polished finish of the Diavel and give it a rough, homespun look like nothing else on the road.

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Ducati Diavel Diesel

Ducati Diavel Plus Diesel Equals Good, M'kay?
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Exposed welds and rivets give the Diavel Diesel its rough edges, and since no two welds are exactly alike, each of the 666 bikes slated for the limited edition run will be unique creations, even in the presence of its brethren. If that number raises an eyebrow, good, it was supposed to.

Claudio Domenicali at the Ducati factory says, “The Ducati Diavel Diesel is the result of a collaboration between Andrea Rosso, the Creative Director of Diesel Licenses, and the Ducati Design Center. The inspiration for their work is an imaginary post-apocalyptic and retro-futuristic world with a hyperkinetic vitality.”

...and Andrea Rosso from Diesel says, “It’s an important motorcycle that reflects the hard rock side of Diesel’s DNA. ’Never Look Back’ engraved with the two logos illustrates the meaning of this partnership: a timeless motorcycle distinguished by many unique elements like brushed steel and visible welds and rivets. Ducati Diavel and Diesel, three words with six letters that form a perfect number, 666, the number of motorcycles in the world made by this new partnership.”

Naturally, the bigwigs in charge of the parent companies would have high opinions of their creation, but in the coming week, I plan of delving in to discover all the devils in the detail. Keep your eye out for my full review of this exciting, limited-edition Duc.

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