The motorcycle market is as healthy as it’s ever been, at least that’s the case for a number of bike brands have reported increased sales. Ducati is one of them after the Italian bike brand announced its achievement in setting a new company sales record in 2014. For the year, Ducati sold 45,100 bikes, two percent more than the number of bikes it sold in 2013. The 2014 gains also represents the fifth consecutive month Ducati has posted an annual increase. That’s as good a sign as any that more and more consumers are buying Ducatis all around the world.

Ducati experienced steady growth in a number of key markets, most importantly the US, considered as the brand’s largest markets. For the year, American customers bought a total of 8,804 units. Other areas around the world also brought its fair shares of Ducati bikes. In Asia, the company reported setting a new record for most units sold in the continent at 5,787 units, an improvement of 11 percent compared to its 2013 numbers. Thailand, in particular, sold 3,057 units in the year, a dramatic increase of 22 percent year-on-year.

As far as models are concerned, Ducati’s updated Monster line was arguably the biggest reason behind the surge in the company’s sales numbers. In 2014 alone, the Ducati Monster - and all of its derivatives - accounted for 16,409 of the units that were sold all over the world. That accounts for a little more than one-third of the firm’s entire sales figures. Of the 45,100 bikes Ducati sold, 9,788 came from its sports bike lineup with the most popular model being the Panigale 899 (5,806 units sold).

All signs seem to point to improved business numbers for Ducati. But while it did grow in a number of key markets, the company still saw its Europe arm suffer through a three-percent decrease in units sold, settling in at 19,743 units by the end of the year. The company’s own home market in Italy saw a slump in sales amounting to 4,284 units sold, 14 percent worse than its numbers a year ago.

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Why it matters

If there was ever any question about the sales success bike makers have had in recent years, these record sales numbers is proof that a lot of people still buy motorcycles for their two-wheel riding pleasures. Ducati’s outstanding sales numbers also shows that despite the downturn in sales in its core European market, healthy returns from other regions like the US and Asia are indicative of the brand’s growing popularity in those areas.

The significant increase in sales in Thailand is particularly impressive given how the market isn’t naturally suited for high-priced machines like Ducati. But the mere fact that it reported these numbers pretty much gives you an idea that Ducatis are pretty popular in that part of the world. Equally important is Ducati’s impressive showing in the US, which has become its single largest market in the world.

Moving forward, it’ll be interesting to see how much sales momentum Ducati will have moving forward. The company seems to be on an upward trend so if it retains its form, 2015 could be a bigger year for the Italian manufacturer.

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