Ducati’s drive for innovation has manifested itself once again in the form of Ducatisumisura, a new website the Italian motorcycle brand has launched that caters to the personalization and customization of riding suits.

It’s admittedly not as ground-breaking as developing a new motorcycle, but riding suits are just as important for riders. Being able to customize them to suit your taste and safety preferences not only makes this new business endeavor that much more important, but it also gives customers a chance to style these suits themselves. That means having the opportunity to choose the colors of each panel that will be used in making the suit. We all know how important that is to other riders too.

As part of the site’s initial launch, Ducati will be offering no less than four riding suits that can be personalized and tailor-made: three one-piece racing suit models and a more casual two-piece one. One of these one-piece suits, the Corse C2, is also available as a lady-fit option.

These suits are top-of-the-line quality, developed in collaboration with riding gear company Dainese. That means that the latter’s D-Air airbag system will be available, although for now, availability is still limited to a handful of markets. Still, the mere fact that Dainese is involved makes the project that much more intriguing.

For riders who are looking for a steady mix of style and technology in their riding suits, Ducatisumisura provides that option. It’s another example of the Italian brand’s mission to be an innovator in the industry.

For what it’s worth, it’s exactly what we’ve come to expect from Ducati.

Continue reading to read more about Ducatisumisura, Ducati’s new riding suit customization website.

Why it matters

Ever had to settle for racing suits even though you weren’t really confident about them in the first place? A lot of us have been in that position before and from my own personal experience, I know I’d rather buy a riding suit that I’m fully comfortable with. Thankfully, Ducati has now provided us with that option with Ducatisumisura, the company’s very own website dedicated to customizable riding suits.

I took a stab at designing my own suit and while it proved to be more complicated than I initially expected, it gets easier to navigate around the myriad of available options once I figured out how to work around the intricacies of designing my own custom riding suit.

Before you jump into designing your own riding suit, it might be a good idea to check out the site’s “how your suit is made” feature. This gives you a crash course on what Ducatisumisura is all about, complete with a video presentation on what you can expect from Ducati.

Once you’ve been introduced to Ducatisumisura, you can dive into “making your own suit sketch.”

The first order of business is choosing among the four available suit variants: the D-Air Racing Ducati Corse racing suit, the Corse C2 racing suit, the Corse Lady racing suit, and the Corse C2 two-piece suit. As soon as you’ve chosen the type of suit you want, you can customize it with different color variations on the jacket and trousers, shoulders and neck, central and side bands, knees and tibiae, lines, and arm and inner leg fabric. You can even add logos and texts on your suit, pushing the level of customization up to another level.

I’m willing to bet that there won’t be another suit with the word “Kirbaceous!” stitched across the chest.

When you’re done designing you custom suit, you can immediately export your creation in PDF format and if you like bad enough, send it to a Ducati dealership. After that, the rest is up to you.

Source: Ducatisumisura

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