No stranger to cooking up competitions for its loyal fans and customers, Ducati has launched a new contest designed to marry the ideals of music and what it means to have a great motorcycle vacation. The contest, called “Ride a Song”, is a collaboration between Ducati and Spotify, the on-demand music streaming service that has skyrocketed in popularity in recent years.

The premise of the Ride a Song competition is pretty simple. All you have to do is pick a song from Spotify’s vast music library that best embodies their dream motorcycle ride and add it to the Ducati playlist that’s already been set up inside Spotify. Once you’ve picked your song, you’re also required to describe your dream motorcycle vacation, share the song you picked on Facebook, and tag two friends you’d want to join you in the event you win the contest.

Speaking of winning, the lucky entrant who does end up winning the competition will win a Multistrada Experience, which includes a chance to ride Ducati’s new Multistrada, among other goodies. It’s not the most exciting prize out there, but considering the rather simple mechanics for entering the contest, I’d say it’s still worth joining just in case you end up getting picked.

Even if your song is only nominated in the contest, you still get the treat of having your chosen music find a permanent place on Ducati’s playlist on Spotify. That’s more than enough to feel good about yourselves in the event your choice doesn’t win the competition.

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Why it matters

I love fan competitions like everybody else, but this is one contest that I’m going to sit out. It’s not because I don’t like what Ducati is offering; on the contrary, the prize is actually pretty neat, if not entirely exciting considering that the winner can bring two friends along for the ride.

I’m not going near this competition because I already know I have little to no chance of winning it. The mechanics of the contest makes it really hard to even stand out, especially with entrants only required to pick a song based on some subjective interpretation of what a dream motorcycle ride entails.

Besides, I’ll be the first to admit that I have the worst taste in music. I’m serially late when it comes to which songs are hot today and which ones were hot six months ago.

If I entered this contest, I’d probably pick Jay-Z’s “Holy Grail” only because that’s my favorite song at the moment, despite the fact that the song is actually over a year old. Plus, my musical preference is pretty skewed towards a smorgasbord of genres that have little resemblance to each other. There’s no way that I’m going to win this competition so why even bother, right?

That said, if you think you have a shot at getting nominated, by all means, go ahead and sign up. You don’t need to perform any mental gymnastics to win the competition. All you need is a good taste in music and the literary wherewithal to explain your musical choice and how it relates to your dream motorcycle ride.

Do these two things and you could be on your way towards winning Ducati’s Ride a Song competition.

Why it matters

Ducati launches its Ride a Song contest and asks competition participants to propose the ideal motorcycle vacation paired with great music. The best “road trip” wins a Multistrada Experience, an exclusive opportunity to ride the new Multistrada 1200, and the chance to share this exciting experience with two friends.

The Ride a Song contest arises from the partnership between Ducati and Spotify, the on-demand music streaming service, where the Italian manufacturer is the first motorcycle brand to open an account. On-air from July to the end of September 2015, Ride a Song asks participants to choose the perfect song for their dream motorcycle ride and add it to the Ducati playlist already on the musical platform. Participants are then asked to describe their dream motorcycle vacation, share the song they have chosen on Facebook and tag two friends they would like to take on their Multistrada Experience if they win.

All of the songs nominated in the Ride a Song contest will become part of the Spotify Ducati playlist, which can be found at; a fun and innovative way to listen to Ducati riders’ favorite music.

Full details regarding Ride a Song contest participation can be found at

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