To say that Ducati has high hopes for the Scrambler is a massive understatement. As one of the company’s newest models, Ducati’s strategy of making the Scrambler more attractive to younger demographics is largely tied into its latest enterprise. Judging by these photos, you probably know where this is going. To coincide with the Scrambler’s entry into the market, Ducati has launched an apparel and accessory line devoted entirely to the new model.

Obviously, this kind of cross-promotional marketing strategy is a staple in the motorcycle industry. Other manufacturers like BMW, Brough Superior, and Indian Motorcycles all have some kind of apparel line dedicated to expanding their brand’s exposure. Heck, Indian Motorcycles even has a partnership with Mark Wahlberg these days. Remember that?

Ducati, though, isn’t banking on a celebrity to help sell the Scrambler. It’s relying on the model itself to do the selling on its own, albeit through the tried-and-tested merchandise route that includes t-shirts, mugs, hats, keychains, jackets, watches, shoes, lighters, bags, and helmets.

I’m not blaming Ducati for taking this route to help promote the Scrambler. If I was a decision-maker in Ducati, I’d do the same thing, too. There’s nothing quite like merchandising that can help drum up interest in a new motorcycle model, even if it the Scrambler will likely do well on its own without the help of merchandise. But hey, if it means more exposure for the model, there’s no shame in making the most of out of what Ducati now has.

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Why it matters

I have to admit; I browsed through the Scrambler merchandise line and found a lot of things I liked from it. Sadly, I don’t have the funds to buy an actual Scrambler so you know what they say, if you can’t ride it, might as well just wear it.

Ok, I may have made that saying up but it certainly applies to people who are more or less in the same boat as I am.

There’s nothing wrong with it, too. I mean, how many times have you seen somebody wear Ferrari merchandise? Lord knows, I’ve seen a lot of them in my world and I’m pretty confident that none of them actually owns a Ferrari.

Apparel and accessory lines like the one Ducati just launched for the Scrambler makes it likely that a lot of people will be sporting these shirts or wearing these boats in the near future. I don’t know xactly what I’ll buy from this collection, but rest assured, I’m getting something from it.

Maybe a shirt? Maybe a mug? Or heck, maybe I’ll just get the whole apparel. Lord knows, I’ll be a walking advertisement for the Ducati Scrambler, but you know what, I won’t mind it the least bit.

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