The Ducati Scrambler has become a hit for the Italian motorcycle brand. We all know this. Ducati knows this too, which is a big reason why it has launched the Scrambler Camp, the first-ever dealership that’s solely dedicated to the Scrambler and Ducati’s very own Land of Joy lifestyle concept.

If you’ve been following the success of the Scrambler, you know that this was bound to happen. Back in March 2015, Ducati launched an apparel and accessory line exclusive to the Scrambler. Even that has proven to be a stroke of brilliance for Ducati so, evidently, the next step was to open a dealership that catered only to the Scrambler bikes themselves and the apparel and accessory line that comes with it.

It’s not clear if Ducati envisioned all of this when it launched the Scrambler in early 2015, but now that the bike has been met with a resoundingly high approval rating, it only makes sense for Ducati to pick up the ball and run as far away with it as it possibly can.

The first Ducati Scrambler camp was opened in Padua, Italy and true to form, it comes with an immersive experience of the bike’s Land of Joy lifestyle. The success of the first Scrambler Camp could even compel Ducati to open a few more branches in the near future.

That’s an attainable goal, as far as I’m concerned. The Scrambler has already captured the hearts and wallets of a lot of customers. So if its appeal holds form as many expect it will, there will really be no bounds on how much acclaim the Scrambler will give to Ducati.

Who knows, a future sub-brand could be born out of this. You never know, right?

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Why it matters

Hindsight is a funny thing, isn’t it? While I wouldn’t put it past Ducati if it had foreseen the success the Scrambler would have since its release, I didn’t see it coming. Maybe I should have knowing what I know now, but as much as I thought the Scrambler would be a popular bike, I didn’t think it would be this popular.

I’m happy to have been proven wrong on this one because the Scrambler really is something else and Ducati is deservedly reaping all the benefits now and in the future.
There’s really no telling how successful the Scrambler’s going to be. All I know is that it’s become so popular today that Ducati is taking full advantage of it by expanding the bike’s branding opportunities. I’ve seen companies expand to apparel and accessory lines in the past, but a full-scale dealership exclusive to just one model? That’s a new one for me.
That also points to the enormous popularity of the Scrambler and could also serve as a sign of things to come for both the model and Ducati.

Who knows, we might even see the Scrambler grow so big that it becomes a separate sub-brand from Ducati. I wouldn’t sleep on it, only because I’ve come to realize and accept what happens when I underestimate a bike that turned out to be special in every sense of the word.

Press Release

Italy’s first Ducati Scrambler Camp opens in Padua, a dealership dedicated exclusively to the Ducati Scrambler and its Land of Joy. The Ducati Scrambler, already available in Ducati Dealerships all over the world from the start of 2015, now also has its own dedicated sales outlet. All four versions of the bike, along with accessories and apparel from the wide Ducati Scrambler range are available.

Padua’s Ducati Scrambler Camp is located in the heart of the town, and has a surface area of about sixty square meters, decked out in authentic Scrambler style. Ducati Scrambler motorcycles, apparel and accessories, are already featured in Ducati Dealerships, but it is in Padua that the very first Ducati Scrambler Camp is unveiled: a new approach to introduce a universe of trends and fun.

The Ducati Scrambler Camp is the ideal opportunity to get a taste of this captivating world, where motorcycles, accessories and apparel come to life as an expression of one’s personality. This is the place where enthusiasts can get together and experience the Land of Joy.

The Ducati Scrambler, Italy’s best-selling motorcycle in May, is also a new brand, able to create a strong and unique experience. It is a different approach to motorcycling that glorifies self-expression, fun and the sharing of positive emotions. Anti-conformist, accessible and essential, the Ducati Scrambler is a perfect mix of tradition and modernity, a step towards the pure essence of motorcycling: two wheels, wide handlebars, a straightforward engine and endless fun.

For further information on the Ducati Scrambler, go to or follow the Ducati Scrambler Facebook page ( where news and images of the Land of Joy are posted daily.

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