“After a disastrous first run that culminated in the company being forced to stop selling bikes in the country, Ducati is making its long-awaited return in India, bigger and hopefully better than its previous incarnation.

Autocar India is reporting that the Italian bike brand is in the final stages of preparation leading up to its India comeback. While no date has been set yet on the actual return, all the pieces appear to be already in place. For one, all of its operations will be directly managed by the parent company, a far cry from its past arrangement with local distributor Precision Motor, which didn’t have anywhere near the capacity to handle the brand’s sales and aftersales services.

This time, Ducati’s taking charge of everything, which, you know, it probably should’ve done from the very beginning. In addition, the company already has serviced technicians ready to handle workload. It’s also been reported that Ducati will initially open two dealerships, one in Gurgaon and another one in Mumbai, with sales rumored to begin somewhere between March and April 2015.”

But the biggest development surrounding Ducati’s comeback in India is the company’s plan to offer its entire range in the market with the only exceptions being the out-of-production Streetfighter and the Multistrada.

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Why it matters

India’s one of the biggest markets in the world as far as motorcycles are concerned. Essentially, if you’re a bike brand with dreams of becoming a major player in the business, India is one of the most important places to be in.

Ducati understands this, which is a big reason why it didn’t take long for the company to attempt a comeback after its ill-fated first run went up in flames. This time around, Ducati’s taking full control of operations and you can already see the difference in terms of the planning and preparation ahead of its eventual return in the market.

Ducati’s announcement couldn’t have come at a better time, too. See, Ducati has a new model - the Scrambler - that it has really high hopes for. It’s one of the bikes that will be earmarked globally and you can be sure that it’s going to finds its way into the Indian market sooner than later.

Don’t expect it to be fresh out of the box when Ducati returns to India. Not yet at least. But a release later this year? That sounds more feasible, if not probable.

It’s about time that Ducati made its return to India. Something tells me though that this time around, the company will be around far longer than the last time.

Source: Autocar India

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