The Ducati Scrambler has just received a new custom treatment from an unlikely place: Ducati Thailand. The Italian bikemaker’s branch in the Southeast Asian nation is responsible for this custom Scrambler, aptly called the Dirt Track Concept.

If you were expecting a custom job that’s a little more subdued, this isn’t the bike for you. Everything about the Scrambler Dirt Track Concept screams different, right down to the brushed metal panels and the leather-clad side panels. Look a little closer and you’ll also see that the fuel cap has been CNC-machined to further emphasize the bike’s rugged look.

Did you also notice that the front and rear fenders are now gone? Turns out, you won’t have much use for them if you’re using a pair of massive Pirelli Scorpion Rally tires on the bike instead of the slim set of wheels used on the standard Scrambler.

Even the large, round headlight of the standard Scrambler was thrown out in favor of a flat front plate that has a smaller headlight peaking out from a hole in the middle of the plate. As far as custom modifications are concerned, this has to be one of the most significant alterations on the Dirt Track Concept because it completely changed the haughty, retro-inspired appearance of the standard Scrambler.

Overall, Ducati Thailand created an incredible custom iteration of the Scrambler. I’m not quite sure the changes are going to fly with Ducati purists, but rest assured, those with a more open mind towards customization will appreciate the dramatic changes made to this Scrambler.

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Why it matters

The often-used saying that "beauty is in the eye of the beholder" definitely applies to the Ducati Scrambler Dirt Track Concept. On one hand, I understand might take this customization the wrong way, thinking that turning the Scrambler industrial flies against the retro ethos of the bike.

I get that these folks want the Scrambler to look a certain way because Ducati introduced it into the market in 2014 with the purpose of bringing back the old-school spirit of the company. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with that kind of thinking and in some ways, their points have some merit.

But then again, I’m a proponent of experimentation, which happens in many different forms. Ducati Thailand did that with the Scrambler Dirt Track Concept and I like the way the bike turned out.

Using a somewhat industrial theme on the bike isn’t really going against the spirit of the bike’s, shall I say, retro-ness. On the contrary, those brushed metal panels actually enhance to old-school vibe of the Scrambler. Those Pirelli tires are chips off the old block, too, and that flat metal panel is another nice touch that puts a different face on the Scrambler.

I’l give Ducati Thailand high marks for their creative interpretation of the Scrambler. It’s a good look, that much I’m willing to admit.

Source: Ducati Thailand

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