Ducati has revealed the Scrambler-inspired race bike Troy Bayliss will ride in the 2015 AMA Pro Grand National Series, officially cementing Bayliss’ return to active competition after what could be very well be one of the quickest retirements in motorcycle racing history.

The 46-year old former World Superbike champion will be riding a saucy looking Scrambler prepared by Lloyd Brothers Motorsports in conjunction with Ducati and famed Ducati collector Jim Dillard. The bike itself was specially developed to fit the requirements of the racing series. The frame, for example, was specially built for Flat Track competition while the suspension, the 19-inch wheels, and the absence of a front brake were all added to acquiesce to the regulations set forth by the AMA.

Aesthetically, Bayliss’ new race bike has all the makings of a head-turner. The splashy yellow and black livery is a clear hat tip to the Scrambler Icon, even though the craftsmanship of the bike itself, specifically the wider flat handle and the rising exhausts on the right side of the bike, seems to have been taken from the Full Throttle version.

Either way, the bike looks ready to compete in the 2015 AMA Flat Track Championship. Bayliss even has a matching yellow-and-black racing uniform to complete his gear in time for his season debut in the third round of the series at Springfield Mile on May 24, 2015.
As I’ve mentioned in the past, Bayliss will be competing in five races for Lloyd Brothers Motorsports where he will be joined by teammate Johnny Lewis.

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Why it matters

So I guess Troy Bayliss’ return to motorcycle racing is good to go. Wonder how long it took him to decide on making a comeback weeks after hanging up his racing gloves for sure.

All kidding aside, I’m pretty intrigued at how Bayliss will fare when he returns to racing. During his peak, he was considered as one of the best motorcycle riders in the world and he backed it up with a lot of impressive hardware from the World Superbike Championship. But the days when Bayliss was considered one of the best are long gone and I really don’t know what he stands to gain from competing in the 2015 AMA Pro Grand National Series other than scratch that competitive itch.

Maybe he’s doing Ducati a real solid, which is plausible considering that his best years as a motorcycle rider came with the Italian motorcycle team. Maybe he just really wants to race and the AMA Pro Grand National Series can give him that without the usual glare and spotlight coming from MotoGP or the World Superbike Championships.

Whatever his intentions are, Bayliss is ready to roll and Ducati was even nice enough to develop a Scrambler-inspired race bike for his perusal. I’m rooting for Bayliss to do well because I know that when he’s on his game, he’s still a threat in any racing series he’s involved in.

Hopefully, that translates to the AMA Pro Grand National Series too. It would be a shame to see him spend the twilight of his career struggling to keep pace with the young whippersnappers of today’s AMA series.

Press Release

The bike was made from a twin-cylinder Ducati two-valve, air-cooled, duly prepared for racing on oval, which is inspired by the sportiest of Scrambler®: The Full Throttle. As the bike that will guide Bayliss, the Scrambler® Full Throttle has low, wide handlebars, has the dual exhaust on the right side and tables port number, that on the bike of Troy feature the famous 21 of the Australian rider.

Made from Lloyd Brothers Motorsports team, with the support of Ducati and the sponsorship of the historic Ducati collector Jim Dillard, the bike of Troy Bayliss has a frame crafted specially made for the races of Flat Track, specific suspension for racing on oval wheels 19-inch and, as regulation, only the rear brake disc.

Flat Track racing are a specialty very popular in the United States. Born in the early twentieth century have reached maximum popularity in the 20s and today are much followed in the United States and Australia. Are held on different types of track, but those are all the rage in America is racing on oval by a mile, to the spectacular and speeds up the drivers on the track.

For this reason, Troy Bayliss has chosen to run just five races in the American championship, which will be played on the track by a mile, and its debut is fixed on the legendary oval of Springfield, Illinois, on 24 May, where he will take part with teammate Johnny Lewis, a specialist on the racing oval.

"As a boy, I learned his own with the Dirt Track and Flat Track. Everything I have learned in the dirt I then served in my career on track, and now find myself at the starting point makes me feel young , "said Bayliss. " I am glad of this opportunity. I want to enjoy and participate in the American Championship will be a challenge, but I could not take the opportunity to race on a Ducati with Lloyd Brothers Racing, plus the colors Scrambler®. The Flat Track is increasingly popular here in Australia. Over the past three years, I organized and course in Troy Bayliss Classic and it was great being parked alongside with specialists Flat Track as Henry Wiles, Jared Mees and Sammy Halbert. I’m really excited to leave for the United States and I thank Ducati, the friends of the brand Scrambler®, Ducati North America, Lloyd Brothers Motorsports and Jim Dillard for this exciting opportunity . "

Troy Bayliss is one of the most successful drivers in the history of motorcycle racing on the track with 52 wins in World Superbike, a memorable victory in MotoGP in 2006 in Valencia, the pole position at the Daytona 200 in 2000 and the title of National Champion of British Superbike in 1999, always riding a Ducati. Flat Track races are nothing new for Bayliss: in 2013 it has developed in Australia Troy Bayliss Classic, racing on oval to which you can join by invitation only, and since then, he competed in his native country against many of the protagonists of AMA Pro Flat Track. In 2014 he also won the national championships of Flat Track and Supermoto in Australia. Troy recently took part in the first two rounds of the World Superbike Championship in 2015, replacing the injured David Giuliano driving the Panigale R del’Aruba.it Racing - Ducati Superbike Team.

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