• Ducati will offer an 848cc version of the stunning 1098

    Ducati 1098
  • Ducati 1098
  • Ducati 1098

The following is from Ducati Desmoblog...

Ducati President, Federico Minoli:

"I have only just been able to catch my breath from the waves of enthusiasm for the 1098 that have swept us all away during EICMA. A heartfelt thanks to the 1696 Ducatisti (and non) that responded to the post on the 1098. Some of the questions need a response so here we go.

1) Delivery
The 1098 S will arrive at European Dealerships starting from December 2006 and in the USA from February 2007. Starting from February 2007 the 1098 will arrive in both the USA and Europe. The 1098 Tricolore will arrive in Europe in starting from February 2007 and in March in the USA.

2) Tricolore
The Tricolore (three colour) model was created by Aldo Drudi based on an idea that came from Ducati’s North American subsidiary. By the way, I paste here a wonderful comment that appeared on an American forum:

God invented red so that Ducatis would be the most beautiful bikes in the world; it’s pretty much as simple as that to me. Only five colors belong on a Ducati: Red (body & or frame), Gold (frame & or wheels), Silver (Frame), Black (wheels), and White (Number plates; and on the older bikes; frame; gives them a nice retro look). A Ducati in any other color is just a pretender; like a bastard child. You still love it and it does have your blood but it just isn’t legitimate; it’s missing something; it’ll never represent the name; it’ll never be king. There is ONE exception to this; the Tri-color. Like a recessive gene every now and then it pops up in all its glory; the stand out child. Not better just different; the blue eyed blond in a family of raven haired beauties.

3) Additional Colours
We are planning on producing the 1098 in a second colour. The options to choose from are Yellow, White or Black (below you see some studies)– but we are open to other suggestions.

4) Displacement
A lower displacement engine is not forseen for 2007 but an 848 engine will be available in 2008 if there is adequate demand.

5) Superbike Championship
The bikes that race in the Superbike Championships are derived from the production models. Therefore, it is only logical that if our new production Superbike is the 1098, the bike derived from the 1098 is the one that must race in the SBK Championship.

This is the same logic that pushed the Japanese motorcycle companies to ask for some rule changes. Since 2003, this has allowed them to race with their bikes at 1000 cc that had been derived from their 750 cc production models – bikes that did not correspond with the bikes on the market.

Sometimes logic is blocked by politics, fear or simply the desire to damage. As a result in the World Superbike Championshp we are forced to race with the 999F07, against our wishes, in exchange for a promise that the rules will change allowing us to race with the 1098 in 2008.

Don’t fear – the 999F07 is a wonderful motorcycle and ridden by Troy and Lorenzo, it will put up a great fight, even if it has less horsepower.

The 1098 will race in the men’s and women’s Superstock championship."

Ducati will offer an 848cc version of the stunning 1098
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Ducati 1098
Ducati will offer an 848cc version of the stunning 1098
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Ducati 1098
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