Following Zero X’s success will be the Supermoto non-polluting Zero S model displayed in the picture above as the recently born company announces. They’ve planned the new model’s arrival for the Spring of 2009 and have already presented the official headline figures: 70mph top speed, 60-mile range and 50lb/ft. Considering that an electric motor is behind all this, you cannot stop wondering how that’s even possible. It seems that they’ve went for a "Patent-pending lithium ion array" high-capacity battery which might require an on-board quick charger.

The great thing about Zero motorcycles is not the fact that they’re existing as there is still a lot of petrol to be burned on this planet (rich people’s ideas), but the fact that they’re expanding their offering and actually head to the Supermoto track. Still, the bike will be street-legal and $1,000 deposits have already started being accepted.

Go to the Zero Motorcycles website to find out more.

Source: hellforleathermagazine

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