Roehr have put their 1250sc Factory Demo up for sale on eBay and we’re surprised to find out that the 180 horsepower American sport bike housing a supercharged Harley-Davidson Revolution motor is available at just $19,995. Ok, we admit that this is not cheap for the average sport bike buyer, but for a Roehr admirer who’s only retention from buying the thing new was the $45,000 price tag, the Demo bike qualifies as a bargain. It only has 2600 miles on the clock and it’s as exclusive as they get, although we have a hunch that this isn’t the way it will pay itself up to a very lucky and enthusiastic motorcyclists who will get his hands on it. If you plan on being that guy, then work your magic on eBay and have it sent to you.

You can find more about the Roehr 1250sc by reading our article about it here.


Source: thekneeslider via A&R

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