• Ecosse Spirit ES1 and Motoczysz C1 push the boundries of motorcycle design

    2008 Ecosse Spirit ES1
  • 2008 Ecosse Spirit ES1

The Ecoose Spirit ES1 was officically unveiled at the US MotoGP race at Laguna Seca. Here we have it, so let’s enjoy it.

Where does a motorcycle begin its road? How does it get the original characteristics? What do designers wish to achieve and where do they start from? Well, they start with a white drawing board and they begin to create certain lines of the motorcycle. But what do they aim for? In this case it was high performance: great amount of power offered by a 4 cylinder engine positioned in a “V” pattern which makes the bike thinner so it has better aerodynamics efficiency. Remember, width is crucial! The height depends on the rider’s height but the width of the bike allows designers the ability to shorten the bike by shortening the distance between the rider’s knees. Another very important aspect when designing a motorcycle, especially a sports one is the chassis. At a race car, you will find a very stiff chassis only because it has four wheels. On two wheels we need a flexing chassis and that’s because lateral flex allows some “give” when the bike is leaned over.

So here we have it! A big step on knowing how a sports bike is designed and how it works, with this great ES1

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