Jean François Vicente of Vicente Design has just come up with a rather interesting kick-started single-cylinder custom bike concept that he calls the EFI SR400 Board Tracker. This is definitely a case of “looks beat performance” as the designer concentrated on delivering a low and sleek bike that proposes a closer rider-motorcycle communion by bringing it all down to the bare necessities such as the two large wheels, a motor and a bar to hold on to.

The bike would be based on the Yamaha SR400 and SR500 and it may look vintage but it has its fair share of ingenious design features. For instance, the seat and gas tank are made of the same hydroformed titanium sheets and also act as a beam girder for the frame, the thing has a carbon girder fork and also a hydroformed underslung exhaust.

You may have a hard time spotting it, but this thing does have a hard tail frame, while the perimeter disk brakes are the modern touch the EFI SR400 Board Tracker needs in order to stand out as an overall nice blend of style and performance (not necessarily horsepower).

EFI SR400 Board Tracker by Vicente Design Exterior Computer Renderings and Photoshop
- image 352129
EFI SR400 Board Tracker

EFI SR400 Board Tracker by Vicente Design Exterior Drawings
- image 352128
EFI SR400 Board Tracker

Source: thekneeslider

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  (344) posted on 03.10.2010

That’s not even good looking why do the manufacturer bother himself on creating a funny looking model?

  (325) posted on 03.9.2010

Impressive design.. but IMO OCC can make a better design than vincent

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