No matter where you fall on electric vehicles, there can be no doubt that they are coming, and the pressure to accept the inevitable is mounting. Two fresh signs of the smoker-bike apocalypse have arrived in two very different forms. First off we have a new, sportbike-based electric commuter from Evoke that’s headed to U.S. shores for the summer of ’17. And secondly, I’m pleased to announce that MotoGP EV racing may soon be a reality.

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2017 Evoke Urban S
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While it’s fair to say that the EV bike market isn’t exactly overwhelmed with competitors just yet, some of the ones who are there are well established and any new kid on the block is going to face some significant headwinds. I’m mainly referring to Zero, but I know Polaris has some electric magic on the horizon through its Indian Motorcycle brand, and it still has the Brammo-based Empulse in its bag of patents, and there are a handful of others to include Energica and Lightning.

Evoke claims an 81 mph top speed from its Urban S with a range of 125 miles in the city and 75 miles at 50 mph. A total of 86 pound-feet of torque comes on as soon as you crack the electric “throttle,” with 19 ponies on tap. Charge times can run up to 8 hours for a full charge, but the power system seems to lack the flexibility and options offered by Zero and that may be a turnoff for some. The 10 grand price tag may also be a lot to swallow, but we’ll just have to wait and see what American buyers think of this imported EV bike.


Electric News
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Dorna Sports CEO Carmelo Ezpeleta announced that it is considering the addition of an 18-bike EV race series to run concurrently with its smoker-bike season. Plans are being laid to power the bikes entirely with renewable energy, which is both environmentally responsible and really freakin’ cool if you ask me. Even if you aren’t a race fan, you have to admit that this really shows how far EV tech has come in just the last few years.

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