People who like riding their bikes off the road have now a silent and green alternative of that same thrill and excitement.

We all love to ride our motorcycles on all kinds of terrain but we don’t seem to care very much about the negative influence that they have on the environment. From now on we will continue with our ignorance (at least in the off-road category) because the market offers an environmental friendly motorcycle called Zero-X. The bike runs on a lithium ion battery witch has a range of about 40 miles, and will charge in about three hours. It only weighs 120lbs, allowing very nimble handling which makes it perfect for off-road action. That same off-road action will start giving you another sensation, now that the sound of the engine is completely gone and the only sound of the bike is generated by its chain.

We are offered a zero-emissions off-road motorcycle for the price of $6,900 and still expecting a street version of this motorcycle as Zero improves their technology for a longer range. 

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