Energica, one of several burgeoning Electric Vehicle (EV) manufacturers around the world has a problem; it has managed to sell more units than it made, and in the first half of the year to boot. Granted it’s an enviable problem since it indicates a clear public interest in its products, but it’s a problem nonetheless.

To date, the Italy-based Energica has shortages on units sold in Germany, Norway, Switzerland, Portugal, Spain, England and The Netherlands, and the company is looking to expand into France, Belgium and Austria in the foreseeable future. One can hope the factory learned a lesson here and will bump up production to come closer to meeting demand.

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Why It Matters

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I am a big proponent for green/renewable energy, and have followed the electric motorcycle industry almost religiously as it struggles to break out of the niche and into the mainstream. While there are no shortage of electric-assist bicycles and scooters, a true streetbike is much harder to find, and of the current options (Zero, Victory Empulse, Harley-Davidson Livewire), Energica definitely wins the “Sexiest in Class” award. After all, it’s the only one that you can’t immediately tell it’s electric at a glance, and would blend right into a pack of smoker bikes, all good things when you are trying to gain a toehold in the market.

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