I’ve always been a huge proponent of motorcycle companies thriving in the industry. That extends from the biggest brands like Yamaha and Kawasaki to niche manufacturers like Brammo and Energica. So it’s pretty nice to see a company like Energica finding some heavyweight help as it continues its search for funding.

After some negotiations, Energica has finally enlisted the help of UBS to become its sole financial advisor as it continues to search for funding for the company’s two electric bikes, the Ego and the Eva.

Some people might scoff at the thought of seeing an investment bank with the status of UBS go and help out a start-up brand like Energica, but I’m guessing that UBS saw a lot of potential in what Energica is trying to sell. That or it’s using Energica as a platform for a future business in the field. Either scenario makes some sense, but the important thing here now is that Energica has a reputable banking institution on its side in its quest for funding.

The specific details of the Energica-UBS partnership has yet to be disclosed, but if you’re Energica, this development is a good sign that you have a bank that can help convince investors to put some money in your business.

That’s always been one of the biggest problems of any start-up business and fortunately for Energica, it might get through that phase of financial uncertainty with some cash to spend.

I hope everything works out for Energica. It would be interesting to see the Ego and Eva bikes on the road, not to mention other new products it could develop in the future.

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Why it matters

Being partners with UBS doesn’t immediately translate to business success for Energica. But it is a start, and a pretty good one at that.

Energica could have gone a different route and picked another financial institution to represent it. After all, UBS hasn’t had a glowing reputation of late, having been involved in a wave of bad press involving Swiss banking institutions.

But bad publicity notwithstanding, UBS is still a heavyweight in the financial business and any time it spots a start-up company that it sees potential in, it’s going to get involved if it’s good for business. Evidently, Energica offers that kind of long-term potential that UBS can take advantage of.

Like I said, I want to see Energica succeed because it actually has developed some pretty impressive machines with the Ego and Eva bikes. No it’s up to the company, with the help of UBS, to help market these bikes and get them some financial backing.

UBS can do that on its end, which is why I’m excited to see what becomes of this partnership, now and in the future.

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