Inspired, most likely, by the always very hard to ride unicycles seen at the circus, the eniCycle excludes the pedaling part from the equation and brings in an electric 1000 watt hub motor that is set into motion by simply leaning your body forward.

It relies on mini-gyroscopes (that measure your vertical angle 100 times a second) and on an embedded processor to keep things balanced at all times and that’s what makes it so easy to ride. In fact, Slovenian designer Aleksander Polutnik claims it only takes people about 15 minutes to master the eniCycle.

Polutnik is planning to mass produce the small and funky vehicle as soon as he finds himself a business partner. He has already built two prototypes, but it will take more to make a global unicycle phenomenon out of it.

Hit the jump to see the action video.

Source: gizmodo

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Rod  (825) posted on 08.26.2009

Having a go would good is not a bad idea this enicycle.

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