If you did so, the answer to your question could come by reading an article published in the online edition of the New-York Times. Entitled “A Motorcycle For Moguls”, the article refers to those bikes that you an me can’t have, but which often make a good subject of talk for us.

Ever wondered why limited edition motorcycles exist?
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Outrageously-priced two-wheelers such as the MV Agusta F4CC ($120,000) or the Ducati Desmosedici RR ($72,500) make you wonder about the technology and materials implemented, but as you hear that you can get the same rush on bikes that are eight time cheaper, you really don’t know what to think. Has the world turned upside down?

The answer is strongly related to each manufacturer’s marketing strategy, which in this cases tends to be the same: produce 100 limited edition models and sell them to those who want to feel special and satisfied of not being rich for nothing. Then the limited edition model’s success will reflect on the simple models of that same manufacturer (something that tells me they’re pretty much the same) and sales numbers increase, leaving everybody satisfied, even those who can’t afford the one with the long figure as MSRP.

Free advertising is also a thing of great importance as limited edition motorcycles not only fill up pockets with money paid on them, but with those saved from paid advertising. So next time you read about a limited edition model, think about these aspects and notice how you’ll start appreciating normal bikes more. But until then, read the New-York Times article.

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