This is how a man has decided to name the car he build in his garadge. Is a hand-build street road made from 17 different vehicles, including Harley-Davidson, Indian, and Yamaha motorcycle parts and scraps that would likely be deemed unusable by the conventional mechanic.

The tail light design is made from dog bowls and the reverse lights are made from inverted spotlights. The gearshift is made of a horse’s hane, typically used to pull a draft horse. The side storage compartment on the car is made from a washing machine. A 4.8-litre Oldsmobile engine powers the one-of-a-kind car.

A child’s transformer toy is the only fitting comparison that Morris can come up with to describe his latest project to those who haven’t seen it for themselves.

With more than a half century of mechanic work under his belt, Jimmy Morris built his most recent creation over the past two and a half years as a way to satisfy his hobby and to pass the time. He welded the all-steel frame with an array of unique features, including a partial and full convertible top, a secret storage compartment above the engine held together by seatbelt parts, and a mechanism that allows the body to rise off the base of the frame.

Source: Citizen Times

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  (453) posted on 02.24.2012

This is hilarious invention. He was creative back then, imagine he was spending his lifetime for a car like this.

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