Being a loving and caring husband means more than just keeping the vow you’ve made in church on your wedding day. It involves the power to adapt your care and concern towards your life partner’s well being in different and sometimes spontaneous situations. So if you’re a motorcyclist and an ideal husband, it is very likely that you’re already using what is called the Babe Cage.

How was that saying?... “Prepare for the worst, expect for the best!” I believe it suits perfectly to this precise situation.

The Babe Cage (what kind of name is that, anyway?) is securely built around a cruiser’s bodywork so together with your passenger’s life, it also protects your motorcycle. The passenger gets an extra large backrest and even headrest while being safely belted to the cage (I guess there’s no point in having a safety cage if you’re going to fly tens of feet away from the bike in case of an accident). There is also a set of extra lights mounted around the cage so that traffic participants would be aware that you’re pretty much working with overdue gauge out there.

In what concerns the wife, how paranoia does she needs to be in order to let herself be carried like she’s explosive material or something?


Source: bikernewsonline

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