This couple has done a video in which they present the three methods of starting a bike. Gas down, choke up, ignition key on and put it on “run”. Then use the clutch and make sure the bike is in neutral and bang. That’s the first method.

If you don’t have enough strength, use the kickstand, get on the footpegs and use your body weight to start it. That is supposed to come naturally. But the next one if for the ones with a little bit of experience. Do the same things as before only that put the bike in second gear, hold the clutch and run next to it. Suddenly jump on the seat, release the clutch and accelerate.

But even though you’ve understood the procedure, it is recommended that you see it happening on your bike and do it yourself next. For those most experienced of you out there, this video can be inspiring and determine you to do similar thinks. Remember that you’ve also been thought one day and if not, start doing it anyway.

Source: Youtube

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