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On Saturday, May 27 in Midland, Texas, the Dan Kruse Classics auction house has a whole fistful of small- and big-screen motorcycles going up for grabs. If you’ve ever wanted a piece of entertainment history for your own use or as an investment for your estate, this auction is definitely something you’ll want to check out. Among the rides up for grabs at this, the Fourth Annual Midland-Odessa Classic Car Auction, we have the Johnny Blaze stunt bike from “Ghost Rider,” a ’99 Buell with a custom flame job over the white tank, subframe and flyscreen. (Yeah, I know. I was disappointed to discover that it wasn’t the chopper he rode out of Hell, but wheels made of fire and chain-link front forks probably look better than they ride.) Also on the block is the 1950’s vintage Zündapp from “Mad Men,” the ’05 Sucker Punch Sally “Mayan” chopper from “Sons of Anarchy,” and that ain’t all. “Priest” is well represented with the Priest’s Suzuki Gladius and The Familiar’s Bike, a Kawi KLX.

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What’s On The Block?


Beyond that we have a whole passel of classic and collectible cars of various vintage and pedigree, the most notable of which (to me) would be the ’65 Jeep Tuxedo Edition driven by The King (color me blue baby, like a peanut-butter dilaudid sandwich) in “Tickle Me.” Lotus and Porsche add to the mix and, well, maybe you should check out the site to get the full list and see what else we have in store this month.

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Source: Dan Kruse Classics

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