• Feast Your Eyes on The World’s Lightest Superbike

The #354 of the 500 Ducati 1199 Superleggeras is up for sale at Bring A Trailer

Ducati has always chased perfection and in the process, it has given the world some mind-boggling motorcycles. A prime example of this is the 1199 Panigale Superleggera which wore the crown for the world’s lightest superbike back in 2014. As you’d expect, the Superleggera was a limited affair (500 units only), each one commanding an insane price tag of $65,000.

However, if you’re still drooling over this masterpiece even after eight years, you can get a pristine low-mile 1199 Superleggera for a steal. How? Well, all thanks to Bring A Trailer.

2014 Ducati 1199 Superleggera For Sale

Feast Your Eyes on The World's Lightest Superbike
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The motorcycle in context here is the 354th example out of the 500 produced and has a matching plaque on the triple clamp reading exactly that. The condition is pristine, with barely any blemishes on the bike’s full carbon-fiber bodywork wrapped in iconic Ducati colors (white and red).

Feast Your Eyes on The World's Lightest Superbike
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The carbon-fiber body, coupled with the unique magnesium monocoque chassis, carbon-fiber subframe, and forged Marchesini wheels, helps the Superleggera weigh in at just 366 pounds (dry). Also, the exceptionally low weight gave it an unmatched power-to-weight ratio.

Feast Your Eyes on The World's Lightest Superbike
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Speaking of which, Ducati claimed the Superleggera made over 200 horsepower and 99 pound-feet from its 1,198cc, superquadro L-twin mill. Credit here also goes to the bespoke Akrapovic exhaust system carved out of titanium.

Feast Your Eyes on The World's Lightest Superbike
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A beast like this needs a leash too, and that’s exactly why Ducati equipped the bike with an enormous electronics package, including everything you can think of. Plus, the top-shelf Brembo anchors further help keep things in control. Making everything sweeter, meanwhile, is the ultra-low 25-mile odo reading, which ensures the bike still has all its life in it. For more details, head to Bring A Trailer’s listing.

What’s The Price?

Feast Your Eyes on The World's Lightest Superbike
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Now, if you ask us, we’d call this a priceless possession, but as they say, there’s a number for everything. In this case, it is $30,000 (latest bid), and if you think you can do better, we suggest you hit up Bring A Trailer ASAP as the timer stops pretty soon.

Source: Bring A Trailer

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