Ferrari could enter in the motorcycle business with an all-new model

A Ferrari motorcycle may be seen as a blasphemy by many, while for others this could be a long awaited dream that finally meets reality. There is no official info about a Ferrari motorcycle, but the entire rumor started after the Italian manufacturer has submitted a patent application for a V-twin engine – more exactly an “Internal combustion engine with ‘V’ configuration of the cylinders”.

More than that, this title is paired with a summary sketch which shows the engine mounted on a motorcycle. According to the document, the big innovation behind Ferrari’s new engine is that it no longer needs balancing countershafts, which means that it will eliminate all the unwanted vibrations and many other side effects of the regular V-twins. The problem was solved by Ferrari’s Inventor Favaretto Fabrizio by adding “balancing masses” directly to the crankshaft.

Further proof for an upcoming Ferrari motorcycle could be considered the company’s request for the Cavallino (Italian for pony) trademark. However, we don’t know for sure if this name is in any way related to the bike.

For extra details about the patent you can follow this link.

Stay tuned for more details.

Source: Visor Down

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