A York County mom who lost her son is crying out, begging the Virginia Assembly to keep high fines for motorcyclists who don’t wear a helmet.

A bill sponsored by Appamattox Delegate Watkins Abbitt, who is himself a motorcyclist, would cut the fine from the current $250, down to $25. There’s a good chance HB3077 will pass.

Jody Patterson was a posterwoman for some tough motorcycle laws that were passed just five years ago. Now she’s speaking out again.

Her son Adam died five years in 2001, when a car turned in front of his bike. Even his helmet couldn’t save him, but his passenger that day Jamie Ulisse, believes her helmet saved her life.

"It was the most devestating experience of my entire life," Ulisse said. "I believe that without the helmet I wouldn’t be here today, with the way I hit the pavement."

Only three states don’t have any helmet laws. But Patterson fears a Virginia penalty of just $25 dollars would be like having no law at all.

"I hope they do the right thing and vote against it," said Patterson.

The bill is expected to be reviewed by the Senate Transportation Committee later today. Of the fifteen members of the committee, five of them are from Hampton Roads. Martin Williams (R) Newport News, Yvonne Miller (D) Norfolk, Nick Rerras (R) Norfolk, Frank Wagner (R) Norfolk, and Harry Blevins (R) Chesapeake.

Source: www.wtkr.com

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