What you see here is the production version of the Honda CB1100 concept presented back in 2007. Although Honda doesn’t say a word about it apart that it will be officially unveiled at the Tokyo Show next week, we can already notice that there are no significant differences between the concept and production form of what is expected to be a fresh new approach towards the original idea of an inline-four cylinder motorcycle.

The Honda CB1100 Customize concept shown in red in the picture gallery points out the new bike’s customization possibilities with parts that will be offered by the Japanese manufacturer itself. We hope the 2010 Honda CB1100 will make it to the US and us on it as soon as possible.


Source: Honda via hellforleather

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  (1) posted on 05.6.2010

Love the concept and wish Honda the best for trying this idea.
No clear if some decisions favoring style over function are the right one. For example, why 5 speed? Even Harleys have 6´s. A 550 pound bike with 110 and 140 tyres on this date and age?
Perhaps the idea is just that Old timers take the bike for a spin on Sunday am to smell the flowers. Not how standards grew up. They were good enough for almost everything and were at the top of the performance curve. Now that is not longer the case. Perhaps the option is to have a bike that last a long time and I keep updating it with new accesories to keep it fresh.
Finally, why should I get this Honda instead of the Yamaha XJR 1300?

Rod  (825) posted on 10.6.2009

I like it I hope I get to test ride one.

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