Energica’s push to be a major player in the electric motorcycle industry took another huge step after announcing the delivery of the first batch of Ego motorcycles to the company’s official dealership in Switzerland. The Italian manufacturer’s Swiss dealership is E-performance, which is owned by Adrian von Büren.

Some of you may be familiar with Büren for his exploits in the Wave Trophy 2015, where he completed the 1,952-mile ride with the Ego. Büren received an Energica Ego Matte Pearl White and an Energica Ego Matte Black with a Corsa Kit for his efforts. Evidently, the partnership between Energica and E-performance is a match made in electric motorcycle heaven.

Swiss customers who are interested in purchasing the Ego now have a chance to do so, which is more than what other European markets can say at this point in time. But rest easy, anxious buyers in Europe and the US. Energiser’s expansion will cover a wide range of markets, including one in California with Hollywood Electrics. It’s still unclear when the bikes will arrive in Hollywood Electrics’ Los Angeles dealership, but the mere confirmation that it’s coming our way is enough

For now, though, our friends over in Switzerland will get dibs on the Ego. Be kind and gentle with your bragging, friend. We’ll get our hands on the Ego real soon, too.

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Every news update about Energica is like the opposite of hearing about the latest goings-on in the world of Erik Buell Racing. Unlike the American motorcycle brand, the Italian manufacturer has been reaping the rewards of good fortune recently.

Remember, it was only recently that the company struck a partnership with Hollywood Electrics to be the official supplier of the company’s electric bikes in California.

Now that word has arrived that its Swiss dealership, E-performance, has received the first wave of Ego bikes, Energica can begin the process of selling its bike in the Swiss market. It’s not the biggest motorcycle market by any means, but for a fledgling company with ambitions of e-bike domination, it’s as good as good a start towards achieving that goal.

It’s really exciting to see Energica come this far but I have to be admit that I wished its bikes are already here in the US. It doesn’t seem fair, at least on my end, that other markets already have it while we still wait for it here. Perhaps our somewhat somewhat stricter regulatory requirements is to blame for that. But it still would’ve been nice to see the Ego arrive in our fair land.

The mere fact that California is getting first dibs in the US also means that other states might have to wait a little longer to get their hands on the Ego. It’s not ideal, but at least we know it’s coming. We just don’t know when that’ll be.

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