People would go to any lengths to turn their dreams into reality and one such person is base-jumper Bernie Williams, who on November 28, 2009 set a first world record by flying his motorcycle from a hot air balloon in Chesaning, Michigan.

Coming down from 5000 feet relying only on the parachute and on his steady hand on the throttle, the ambitious man has shown that it is well worth waiting…20 years (in this case) for whatever makes you happy. The video is attached after the jump.

Source: youtube

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  (477) posted on 03.30.2010

Now that is one heck of a thing to do. Well, I guess he really made his bike fly this time. I wonder if it can work in any moto GP bike. Lol. It’s good that the parachute was able to carry the weight of both drier and bike. One of the things that I always ask with hot air balloons is how do they land that thing? Anyways, it was a pretty sweet landing he did with his bike. It must have been strapped to him good. They could probably use a good driver like him (with the same stunt) in some movie or something.

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