Although these glass wheels may be difficult to keep clean, they certainly do give this futuristic motorcycle an eerie and almost magically floating look. The Radurra (Italian for "clear") wheels are made by Italian company Forgiato, and their jewel-like appearance is no accident, since the company has its roots in jewelry manufacturing.

The creator and patent holder of “the clear wheel” Doug McGoon and Forgiato have combined to turn this idea into a real drivable wheel. In 2006 they produced and introduced “The Clear Wheel” called Radurra for cars and motorcycles.

By eliminating the alloy center of a three piece forged wheel and setting into its place a hard coated polycarbonate center with a glass-like finish they achieved an amazing and stunning look, with a finished product that looks too good to be a wheel. Much the same way the diamond is set into a bezel setting, the polycarbonate center is set into the forged aluminum hoops with precision machining and a jeweler’s touch… the end result is a wheel that is strong, safe and beautiful. The wheels are available in a variety of custom colors and finishes for motorcycles and other vehicles.

All that fine craftsmanship comes at a price; these wheels will run you at least $5,000 a pop, so there’s no use wasting them on some beat-up heap.

Forgiato Radurra wheels, one supernatural floating effect
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Forgiato Radurra


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