Finally, some good news has arrived fromForward Racing’s garage. Yamaha’s embattled MotoGP satellite team has reportedly secured enough funds to make the trip to the Czech Republic for the Brno Grand Prix. Yep, manna has fallen from the skies and Forward Racing will be at the starting grid of the MotoGP race.

Team manager Marco Curioni confirmed the news on Twitter, followed shortly by an announcement saying that Loris Baz and Claudio Corti will take the two MotoGP seats for the team. Corti, in particular, seems to have taken the place of Stefan Bradl after the latter secured his release from the team to join the Aprilia Gresini Racing team. Having Forward Racing back in MotoGP sooner than most people expected is great news. Now we get the added drama of watching Bradl race against his former team against the man - Corti - who is essentially taking his seat in Forward Racing. Expect some fireworks in a potential head-to-head battle between the two riders.

Meanwhile, team boss remains locked up in Switzerland after he and tax inspector Libero Galli were arrested in the middle of July 2015 on allegations of bribery, money laundering, and tax evasion. The team’s confirmed attendance at the Brno Grand Prix doesn’t appear to have any connection to the team boss legal woes so it looks like the team’s bank accounts will remain frozen until a resolution to the case is reached.

That puts more uncertainty on Forward Racing’s chances to compete in the other GP races after Brno. But for now, I think the team’s just relieved that it can return to the grid for at least another race, especially in an extraordinary time like this when any semblance of normalcy is more than welcome to the team.

Continue reading to read more about Forward Racing’s participation at the Brno MotoGP Grand Prix.

Why it matters

I can’t tell you how relieved I am that Forward Racing Yamaha will be able to race at the Brno MotoGP Grand Prix. I’m happy for the team because they deserve it. It wasn’t their fault that their boss got caught up in this legal mess that ended up with all of their accounts frozen. Being forced to miss out the Indianapolis Grand Prix was bad enough, but the mere thought of the team folding because it didn’t have any money to compete in MotoGP made me sick to my stomach.

So yeah, I’m excited that, at least for one race, Forward Racing Yamaha will be able to line up and race against its contemporaries. What happens after that is still anyone’s guess, but the good thing is that the team was able to buy some time for team boss legal issue to play out and hopefully, get resolved.

Should that happen and the accounts are reopened, we might see Forward Racing finish the current season. But if it doesn’t, well, I’m not exactly sure how that’s going to work. What I am sure is that we’ll see Loris Baz and Claudio Corti at Brno. Considering the circumstances the team is in, any opportunity to race is a victory in itself.

See you in Brno, Forward Racing Yamaha.

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