Europe is passionate about motorcycles, and it’s seen in special areas unknown in many countries outside of Europe. In France, the motorcycle insurance company “Mutuelle des motards” has recently announced a special insurance for riders who take their passion to the race circuits.

Up till now, if you took your motorcycle on a circuit and crashed, you had pay for the damages. The new insurance covers your bike and you in case of a crash. Not only will the reimburse the repairs costs (for your bike and for you), but they will also transport your motorcycle back home.

What’s more, they also cover the transport of your motorcycle, even if it’s not a street legal bike. If, while loading your motorcycle onto a trailer, it falls, or if it brakes loose of the tie-downs while bringing it to the circuit, your bike is insured.

The special insurance is valid on any European Union race circuit, or any circuit in a country represented by the green insurance card.

But, and there is always a but in the insurance business, the insurance does not cover you when you are in an official race. So, if you’re competing in a SuperBike race, you’re not covered (the start fee covers you), but if you’re training with your buddies to compete in the SuperBike races, then you’re covered.

The French insurance company has started offering this product in order to help safety for bikers. Many bikers like racing, and going on a circuit often meant that you lose your insurance coverage. It was financial smarter to race on the streets and risk getting fined. Now with this insurance, you can safely race on a circuit.

Not bad. Now, if other insurance companies would offer these kind of insurance products, we’d be in good shape.

France: Special insurance for race circuit motorcycles
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France: Special insurance for race circuit motorcycles
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France: Special insurance for race circuit motorcycles
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