Have you ever had that desire to own a motorcycle without thinking about actually riding it? It’s a pretty expensive item to own, but there are some people who think like that. Trust me, I know a few of them myself.

Well, British company Full Size Kits seems to have found a way for these people to continue with their hobbies without actually spending a lot of money to do it. The answer comes in the form of what Full Size Kits is describing as the world’s first full-size motorcycle model kits.

Made mostly form plastic, these kits come with over 180 vacuum-formed parts that, get this, are of the same size as the real parts found in real motorcycles. What’s even more impressive is that these kits can be assembled with what it calls a “unique sit-on feature.”
In other words, the kit is strong enough that you can actually sit on it as if you’re actually riding it. Pretty neat, huh?

Right now, Full Size Kits is only selling one model, appropriately called the Route 66 Classic and is basically a design replica of a typical classic American chopper.

The kits are currently being sold at a price of £525. That’s about $810 based on current exchange rates. Remember that the kit only goes on sale sometime around April 2015. But if you’re interested, you can already make a reservation as early as now.

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Why it matters

I know Christmas is still 10 months away, but this makes for a perfect holiday present, doesn’t it? The price is a little steep, though, but I do understand that you have to pay for that kind of novelty.

Besides, it’s not like you’re going to spend all that time trying to trick people that you own an actual 60’s cruiser. This kit makes for a perfect display on anybody’s man cave, especially those people who are into motorcycles.

I’m actually already imagining what it would look like on my den so in the event that April rolls by and I somehow mention that I placed an order for this bad boy, you’re going to know where I’m going to put it.

I don’t care so much about using the bike as a photo prop, although I probably won’t be able to resist myself on that end, too. What I do know is that I’m going to keep a close eye on Full Size Kits from now on to see if it has new products on the horizon. Who knows, I might just live out my dream of owning a garage-full of motorcycles through these actual-size plastic kits.

Source: Full Size Kits

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