A Wankel Engine And 3D Printing

Just the mention of certain countries makes me immediately think of motorcycles. Japan, Germany and Italy are right at the top of the column, but I might have to add France to that list as well. Furion Motorcycles, under the guidance of designer Marc Evenisse, and four-time World Supermoto Champion and consultant Adrien Chareyre, has drawn on cutting-edge technology and construction techniques for this little experiment, and the results are encouraging. Propulsion duties fall to the hybrid drive that combines a dual-rotor, 654 cc Wankel rotary engine (y’all remember Wankel, right?) cranking out 125 horsepower to power a Sterling generator that charges the five lithium batteries and drives the 40 kW electric motor. End result; a bike that weighs 418 pounds that can produce a combined 180 horsepower with a ball-crushing 155 pound-feet of torque.

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Modern Technology....Really Modern

Furion M1 - A French Hybrid Concept
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So far this Evenisse-Chareyre duo have cooked up a remarkable dish that combines familiar ingredients that one normally doesn’t see combined. The all-up-front concept drawings show a striking, aggressive machine with a lot of visual (and actual) weight in the forward half and an ass end that tapers off to nothing over an upswept subframe section. LED lights set into the body make the M1 a sort of rolling light show, while the actual molded-in running lights, turn signals and head/tail light are also LEDs for that hard-to-ignore glare.

Yeah, I don’t know how they plan to keep the thing from taking flight either, perhaps the finished product will have little stubby upside-down wings like a Formula car or a p-pad backrest with a spoiler on it? We’ll see. To top it off, metal 3-D printing is slated for heavy use in the finished product, so not only is the bike something of a modern marvel, the construction method is as well. What’s not to love? If these guys manage to make this into a production model, it would definitely put France on the modern motorcycle-manufacturing map and in the minds of progressive riders around the world.

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Source: Furion Motorcycles

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