French motorcycle clothing brand Furygan has launched its summer collection for bike riders who are desperate to get into a new set of riding gear and leave the cold of winter and spring behind.

Furygan is known for being one of the best European motorcycle clothing brands in the world. I actually know some people who anxiously wait for the company to launch a new line of bike gear. True story. That’s the kind of cache Furygan has earned in its time in the business.

The company’s latest line reflects that earned reputation. The full body kit is as comprehensive as it’s going to get for riders looking for something to fresh to suit up once the summer riding season commences.

The black Discovery Mesh textile jacket, in particular, looks pretty enticing, even for someone like me who has never approached the price range of Furygan’s merchandise. The $440 to $630 range is still admittedly steep, but this new line of gear is thawing my previously chilly apprehension of purchasing these items and steering me into abusing the new catalog.

Apart from the jackets, Furygan also launched a new line of jeans, gloves, and even protective motorcycle shoes. It really wasn’t kidding when it said it’s got riders covered from head to toe. There are so many interesting choices in the new collection that I wouldn’t be surprised to run into someone decked completely in Furygan gear. If budget wasn’t an issue, there’s a good chance I might even be that person.

For now, though, I’ll stick to leafing through the catalog until the pages fall off. That’s not to say that I’m getting a lot of Furygan gear anytime soon, but a first purchase could be in the cards. Here’s to hoping my credit card agrees.

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Why it matters

I don’t know what the weather is in other parts of the US, but from where I’m from, summer is definitely coming. That means that the motorcycle riding season is upon us. A lot of riders are already gearing up for their first ride of the summer, making it the perfect time to take a look at Furygan’s new line of motorcycle gear collection to see if something there catches your eye.

Like I said, I’ll probably steer clear of making any purchases for now because of budget reasons. The items are simply too far out of my price range and I wouldn’t want to get my wallet angry. But if finances weren’t an issue, you can be sure that some of Furygan’s items are already en route to home address. Ah, the perils of having too many bills to pay.

But that’s me. I’m not going to dissuade you from taking a look at Furygan’s new collection and buying for yourselves. The brand has a tremendous reputation and however steep some of the prices are, those who won’t mind paying for these items won’t regret that they did.

It’s the perfect time too now that the sun is shining bright and hot on our fair land. So before you dust up your bikes and prepare for that first joy ride, Furygan’s new summer collection is definitely worth looking into.

Source: Furygan

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